Ordering the collection

After a rather extended absence, I am back with a revised collection of vintage songsheets.  My apologies for the lengthy time away. Many new songsheets from the early 1920s have been added. I hope you find this collection even better than the previous one.

As a result of the additional new material, I have had to re-arrange the collection so the order isn't quite the same as previously. I have also lowered the pricing, making it less expensive to own (in part because the Canadian dollar has fallen in comparison to the USD). The price includes two data DVDs full of scanned songsheets in PDF format, plus some additional files such as a chord book.

Price for the two discs is $15 US for Canada & USA (includes shipping) or $17.50 international (includes shipping). Add $5 if you'd like the collection on a USB stick (16GB) instead of DVDs (come with a few extra files!).

I reiterate that to the best of my knowledge, none of this material is copyright. I have scanned most of it myself from originals, but also received material from others and found some online. If you find material here with a renewed or extant copyright, please let me know and I will remove the piece. My intention is to share and keep alive music from the era when ukulele was first popular, not to violate anyone's rights.

There is a third disc with non-ukulele arrangements, mostly piano (and mostly pre-1920), but some for guitar (1934-40), as well as some duplicate ukulele arrangements. I am not offering that disc for sale at the moment, but may in future, once I can verify copyright on some of the pieces. If there is an arrangement you are interested in, and is listed in the collection on this disc, please contact me.

In the meantime, while you wait for delivery, you are welcome to download our local ukulele group's song book. It has several arrangements of old tunes found in this collection.

For USA and Canadian orders, 2 data DVDs:
$15 USD includes mailing.
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For USA and Canadian orders, on USB stick (w/extras):
$20 USD includes mailing.
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For international orders,
2 data DVDs: $17.50 USD, includes mailing.
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For international orders,
on USB stick (w/extras): $22.50 USD, includes mailing.
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If you would like to keep this music alive, and help build the collection, please donate. Help me continue this project:
Mailed from Canada. Delivery time depends on the your local postal service.
Expect 5-10 days to USA or Canada, 10-20 days for most international destinations. Some countries may take 21 days or longer.